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Who We Are

CODENEXIO is a software company born out of passion for digital revolution. Our innovation-oriented tech experts are vetted in the latest programming technologies and possess both the skills and experience to help companies turn their vision to life, through effective planning, design, and development. While technology is transforming every industry sector, we are your company’s ideal partner to leverage its emerging power in innovative ways. With our collaborative and dynamic approach to problem-solving, we assist organizations, from start-ups to enterprises, in driving their digital strategies. Our key areas of technical knowledge include, but are not limited to: Python, C++, React, My SQL, Nginx, Amazon AWS, Docker, Adobe, HTML 5. We choose to work exclusively with future-proof technologies in order to build competitive products, that will stand the test of time. We focus all our efforts on building customer satisfaction and pride ourselves with always managing to exceed expectations. Get in touch, tell us all about your business goals and challenge us! We love to impress.

Our Services


Technical Consultancy

We have the expertise to guide your business at any stage of development, by:
  • choosing the correct software solutions, according to your current objectives and budget, while adding scalability and flexibility to your business
  • creating Specifications and Task Books for software solutions, in compliance with your project requirements
  • choosing and implementing technologies related to the collection of Production Data

Middleware Software Solutions

We develop customized software solutions, with modern GUIs, for interconnecting:
  • a vast array of production equipment (e.g. PLCs, scanners, barcode readers, industrial printers, packaging machines, industrial robots)
  • existing and custom-built software (e.g. ERP, WMS, MES)
  • databases (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
  • server and cloud services

Data Science

Manipulating and interpreting data correctly, can add great value to any business. Our process is as follows:
  • define scope of data manipulation
  • collect data from all available sources
  • process the data
  • perform in-depth analysis
  • interpret the data
  • communicate results via Reports

Maintenance & Support

We offer support and maintenance services for each project we take on, to address any and all of your concerns. We specialise in implementing preventative, corrective and adaptive solutions in order to ensure your projects and business are running at full capacity, at all times. Ongoing, emergency support is available 24/7!

Why Us?

Innovation and growth is part of Codenexio’s DNA. Our ambitious team of experts is constantly looking for ways to improve and push the boundaries of leading-edge technologies. The commitment we make to our clients is to always meet and surpass their expectations. By choosing Codenexio, you’ll get:
  • Technical Expertise

    We have technical expertise in industrial and logistics applications, as well as a vast experience in software development
  • Computer-Based Approach

    We use a computer-based approach, which means we can develop applications in a timely manner, we can easily adapt to new requirements and future demands, as well as being able to provide a complete hardware and software solution, within your specified budget
  • Scalable & Flexible Solutions

    Our solutions are scalable, easy to configure and use, and adaptable to future demands
  • In-house Software Solutions

    We develop in-house algorithms and software solutions to cover all your custom requirements
  • Highest Cybersecurity Standards

    We ensure that all your data and systems are completely secure and intrusion-proof, while fully compliant with industry standards & regulations

Our Testimonials

Awesome to work with! They brought our vision to life, with little to no direction from us. Now, 11 months later, there are no maintenance issues and everything works as originally planned!
Gabriel Maverick
CEO, BlueArt Distribution
I can’t recommend enough Codenexio, as being a trustworthy partner, that can help you reach your business goals and accomplish them in no time.
Alexandru Popescu
Executive Director, Mach FTD
I highly recommend this team! Their dedication to having the project up and running in the very limited timeframe we had, paired with their prompt communication policy, are the reason I'll definitely keep in touch for our next projects.
Gabriel Ivan
CEO, Naseca Industries

Get In Touch

We’d like to know all about your project! Share your business challenges, your vision and your timeframes, and we’ll get back to you soon!

Get In Touch

We’d like to know all about your project! Share your business challenges, your vision and your timeframes, and we’ll get back to you soon!
or call us +40 770 829 826