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Technology advances at an exponential rate, hence your business must do the same! Start implementing modern technologies in your workflow in order to stay ahead of your competitors, while also steadily growing your profits. Today’s IT market is oversaturated with the multitude of software packages and applications, each of these using various technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Full Stack Development, and so on. These run on different operating systems (Linux, Windows, IOS) and on different platforms (PC, mobile, servers, Cloud). Searching and choosing the most suitable IT solution for your business isn’t an easy task and can be incredibly time-consuming. If you’re lost wondering which of these would offer the most value for your company, Codenexio is your answer. Hiring us is a cost-effective way to keep your business technology up to date while helping you reach your long-term business goal. We know that you need to focus all your energy on many business-related operations, so why don’t you let us advise you on how to use software to meet your business objectives or to solve business problems? Take advantage of both our Technical and Functional expertise to help you make important decisions about digital technology for your company.

We Have Expertise In

Identifying and gathering business requirements
Documenting business requirements and creating Tender Books
Searching, analysing, comparing, and offering software solutions to clients
Recommending software developments and implementations
Developing required system / software changes
Creating new software solutions
Testing solutions to make sure they meet customer requirements

Our Steps

To ensure client satisfaction and an overall smooth collaboration, we’ve created our own modus operandi, comprised of the following steps:
  • 01Understand your problems and needs

    Our initial conversations will focus on revealing your business’s pressure points, as well as your vision and goals.
  • 02Allocate a SPOC (single point of contact)

    In order to establish an efficient and ongoing communication system between our team and your company, we’ll need to rely on a representative that will gather and manage all input from your end.
  • 03Deliver a realistic analysis

    Whether we’re building your software solution from ground up, or modernizing and restructuring an already existing software, we will analyze your project in the smallest detail, taking into account all your business’s specific needs, including budget limitations and time restrictions.
  • 04Deliver solutions and a plan to follow (a roadmap)

    We offer state-of-the-art software solutions that perfectly fit your time and budget restrictions. We closely follow the Project Roadmap and maintain close communication with your person of contact, throughout the project implementation.
  • 05Ongoing support

    We offer maintenance & support services for all the projects in which we’re engaged.

Our Testimonials

Awesome to work with! They brought our vision to life, with little to no direction from us. Now, 11 months later, there are no maintenance issues and everything works as originally planned!
Gabriel Maverick
CEO, BlueArt Distribution
I can’t recommend enough Codenexio, as being a trustworthy partner, that can help you reach your business goals and accomplish them in no time.
Alexandru Popescu
Executive Director, Mach FTD
I highly recommend this team! Their dedication to having the project up and running in the very limited timeframe we had, paired with their prompt communication policy, are the reason I'll definitely keep in touch for our next projects.
Gabriel Ivan
CEO, Naseca Industries

Get In Touch

We’d like to know all about your project! Share your business challenges, your vision and your timeframes, and we’ll get back to you soon!

Get In Touch

We’d like to know all about your project! Share your business challenges, your vision and your timeframes, and we’ll get back to you soon!
or call us +40 770 829 826