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Middleware is software that bridges gaps between other applications, tools and databases, to provide unified services to users. It is commonly characterized as the glue that connects different software platforms and devices together, since they all use a middleware to communicate with each other.

Why Do You Need It?

Imagine a room full of people, all speaking a different language. You need something to act as an interpreter to help them communicate between each other and to help you understand what is being discussed. In our days, the business market is full of different applications, different operating systems, different software platforms and cloud systems, each with their unique API layers, configurations parameters and communication capabilities. The middleware software acts like the interpreter from the above example, helping all of these software solutions communicate and work together, while also providing you a graphical interface to control and to monitor what’s going on.

When Do You Need It?

There are lots of cases in which you may need a middleware software. Usually, the need to use a middleware software arises when a client implements a new automatic project in the existing production line and wants to connect it with other services or software applications, which he has already installed. For example, when a new printer is installed on the production line and you want to connect it with the existing database, with the existing ERP or with the Server, to allow it to read certain information from there. All these automatic systems have their own way of communication (RS232, API, Webservice, TCP/IP Server Client protocol, etc..) and they need a middleware software that can communicate with each one, understand the messages and transmit them where needed, in a language that can be understood by the recipient. Another use case would be when the client already has all the applications, but he wants to collect certain data from various equipment or services and export them to a database or to the cloud. You get the idea...


There are a lot of advantages of using a middleware software! Let’s quickly highlight some of them:
  • It is a software customized to your needs. After some technical sessions, in which we understand your vision, we come up with the best solution that meets your requirements.
  • It is modular, hence extremely flexible and scalable. If at any point in the future you’ll need to add or change something, it will be easily done.
  • Since it runs in the browser, it can be accessed from any device, PC or mobile. If you’ll also allow external access, it can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • It runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems. It can also communicate with other apps installed on different operating systems than the one on which it’s installed.
  • It will digitally transform your business by reinventing the way data and processes flow across your CRM, ERP, WMS, 3PL, TMS, third-party apps and other legacy or cloud-based systems.
  • It has a modern and user-friendly interface that will guide you step by step and help you control & monitor the data flow.
  • It comes with complete documentation, training, and full technical support.

Our Testimonials

Awesome to work with! They brought our vision to life, with little to no direction from us. Now, 11 months later, there are no maintenance issues and everything works as originally planned!
Gabriel Maverick
CEO, BlueArt Distribution
I can’t recommend enough Codenexio, as being a trustworthy partner, that can help you reach your business goals and accomplish them in no time.
Alexandru Popescu
Executive Director, Mach FTD
I highly recommend this team! Their dedication to having the project up and running in the very limited timeframe we had, paired with their prompt communication policy, are the reason I'll definitely keep in touch for our next projects.
Gabriel Ivan
CEO, Naseca Industries

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We’d like to know all about your project! Share your business challenges, your vision and your timeframes, and we’ll get back to you soon!

Get In Touch

We’d like to know all about your project! Share your business challenges, your vision and your timeframes, and we’ll get back to you soon!
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